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The new secomat
The intelligent way to dry laundry

The secomat – the Swiss synonym for fast, gentle and energy-efficient laundry drying. Rethought and perfected by Krüger + Co AG, the dehumidification specialists in Switzerland.

The secomat is the ideal solution for every washroom. Whether it’s sports laundry from the last football training session, the clothes of a family of five or large-volume laundry processing, whether in a detached house, apartment building, care home or hospital – with our latest generation, we are setting new standards in terms of energy efficiency, design and user-friendliness. At the same time, the secomat serves as an indoor air dehumidifier and protects the building from possible damage such as rust, rot
and mold.

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    Developed in Switzerland

The right modelE for every application

The range comprises four models with different outputs. All models are available in anthracite and azure blue. The secomat is not only suitable for washrooms in single and multi-family homes or retirement or nursing homes, it is also used in checkrooms in sports and leisure facilities or in security compounds for drying work clothes.

New secomat azure blue

secomat 2

The secomat 2 is ideal for detached houses and drying rooms from 6 to 12m2. It achieves a drying capacity of 1-2 washing machine loads

New secomat azure blue

secomat 4

The secomat 4 is ideal for single and multi-family homes and drying rooms 6 to 16m2. It achieves a drying capacity of 2-3 washing machine loads

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secomat 6

The secomat 6 is ideal for apartment buildings and drying roomsof 12 to 20m2. It achieves a drying capacity of 3-4 washing machine loads

The new secomat 6 and 8 coming soon

secomat 8

The secomat 8 is ideal for apartment buildings, homes, hospitals and drying rooms up to 24m2. It achieves a drying capacity of 4-5 washing machine loads

Drying room secomat azure blue

Optimum drying results – our quality standards

From sports and training clothing to delicate fabrics such as wool, silk or cashmere, through to breathable textiles, outdoor equipment, sleeping bags or trekking and hiking textiles – gentle drying increases the longevity of garments. Waterproof or water-repellent materials and workwear also retain their functionality better if they are not subjected to mechanical stress but are dried by the air movement of the secomat. As gently and naturally as if the laundry were hung up outdoors.

Good reasons for the original

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Intelligent operation

The intelligent and intuitive controls make drying your favorite textiles child’s play. The secomat room air tumble dryer automatically detects when laundry has been hung up to dry and starts the drying process without you having to lift a finger. This intelligent function not only saves time, but also energy, as the dryer only runs when it is really needed.

Individual furnishing systems

A selection of laundry hangers and drying tables is also available to perfectly equip the drying room. The radially arranged “SunLine” clothesline enables even air circulation and therefore significantly reduces drying times.

secomat Waeschehaenge | Krüger + Co. AG

Laundry hangers

The secomat laundry hangers fit into any drying room. Our modular system enables a custom-fit design. We also realize individual wishes.

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Drying table

The practical drying table is ideal for delicate items of clothing such as woolen sweaters or lingerie, but also for folding laundry.

secomat Waeschehaenge junior | Krüger + Co. AG


Socks and other children’s clothes can easily be hung at a height suitable for children.

secomat Fahrgestell | Krüger + Co. AG


Thanks to its chassis, the secomat can be positioned flexibly. The four movable wheels are easy to lock.

App connectivity

Smartphone secomat App | Krüger + Co. AG

The secomat app

For use in single-family homes, the room air tumble dryer can be conveniently controlled at any time and from anywhere via the “secomat app”. With practical features such as the timer function or the adjustable humidity level and thanks to the user-friendly app interface, the laundry drying process can be adapted to your own wishes and needs.

Available on Google Play and in the App Store