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Air conditioners

To feel comfortable at home or in the office, you need a healthy and pleasant indoor climate. We offer special power-regulated and low-noise air conditioning systems or heat pump units for private homes or offices. Comfortable and energy-saving, the air conditioners ensure an optimum temperature and clean air, as special filters remove pollen, dust and unpleasant odors.

We optimize your indoor climate with efficient air conditioning systems

The devices in the RAS series(HAORI, Daiseikai and Shorai Edge) are suitable for single and multi-split applications in the home and office, while the RAV devices are suitable for single-room solutions. Performance, efficiency and environmental protection are characteristics that we can optimally cover. The refrigerant R32 opens up new dimensions in air conditioning. Krüger + Co. AG has been the general agent for TOSHIBA air conditioning systems in Switzerland since 1984 and is authorized by the Carrier Corporation as a distributor and general importer for TOSHIBA HVAC products.

Authorized by Carrier Corporation as distributor and general importer of Toshiba HVAC products for Switzerland.