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Mold removal

Rotten smell and black stains on the walls, ceilings and floors. The specialists at Krüger + Co. AG carry out sustainable mold removal. Structural damage, inadequate insulation, thermal bridges or poor removal of a previous infestation – mold has many causes.

It also often occurs when rooms are poorly ventilated and the humidity is constantly too high. Condensation on windows, damp walls or droplets in cool places in the room are indications of too much moisture. If this is not removed, mold can develop over a long period of time and damage the building fabric, as well as impairing health.

Our specialists know what to do:

Aufzaehlung | Krüger + Co. AG Moisture measurements
Aufzaehlung | Krüger + Co. AG Impression samples
Aufzaehlung | Krüger + Co. AG Airborne germ measurements
Aufzaehlung | Krüger + Co. AG Cold fogging

Mold removal