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Dehumidification systems

Uncontrolled humidity causes many avoidable problems. These range from condensation, corrosion, mold and bacterial growth to product clumping, system blockages and mechanical and electronic failures.

Adsorption and condensation dehumidification

An adsorption dehumidifier is used when exact and constant humidity values need to be guaranteed. In addition, dehumidification also works reliably at low temperatures. Typical locations for adsorption dehumidifiers are waterworks or pumping stations, ice rinks, sewage treatment plants, industrial plants, e.g. in the food or pharmaceutical industry, power stations, warehouses, archives or basements. Dehumidification based on the principle of condensation is an advantageous and economical drying method because it works in a closed cycle. Typical locations for condensation dehumidifiers are swimming pools, civil defense facilities, garages, industrial facilities, archives or cellars.