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Emergency cooling

If emergency cooling is required, for example during hot summer days or if an existing air conditioning system fails, we are ready with powerful, mobile split air conditioning units or compact cooling units. The mobile, professional air conditioning units are assembled and ready for operation in just a few simple steps. The indoor and outdoor units are connected to each other via flexible connection lines with quick-release couplings. The range of applications for these mobile industrial split air conditioners is extremely diverse: whether as a temporary emergency solution for server, production, exhibition and industrial rooms or for cooling hotel rooms or an event venue. The devices can be used for room temperatures from 10 to 35 °C.

Call our 24-hour emergency number: 0848 370 370 . You can contact your nearest Krüger location during office opening hours.

Air conditioning solution in Swiss Army container village


The Swiss Army has set up a training and container camp in Stans (NW) to prepare soldiers for their missions abroad. The indoor climate in the 150 containers should be pleasant in both summer and winter. Thanks to precise planning, detailed execution and great commitment, the installation of the 150 wall-mounted air conditioning units took just four months.