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secomat + drying cabinets

secomat – The original from Krüger

Powerful, fast and efficient, the secomat room air tumble dryer from Krüger dries laundry in apartment buildings, laundries, hospitals and retirement homes. It is gentle on delicate items of clothing and puts very little strain on the laundry. At the same time, the use of the secomat tumble dryer regulates the room humidity and thus protects the building fabric from mold. For very cold drying rooms, it is worth purchasing an appliance with integrated additional heating (H models) to ensure constant performance even at low temperatures.

Laundry or workwear – The smallest drying room

The drying cabinet is the most economical way to dry damp and wet work clothes, boots, gloves or ropes at operating temperatures below +30 °C. The locker is simply set up in checkrooms or in special drying rooms. After hard work by professionals (e.g. firefighters or construction specialists), everything damp and wet can be dried quickly and gently in the smallest of spaces.