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Krüger + Co. AG

A Swiss family business

In 1931, engineer Hans Krüger, a man with a pronounced pioneering spirit and versatile talents, laid the foundation for a company that today is still based on his original idea. With his humidifiers for radiator heaters, he ensured a healthier living climate and greater comfort. Krüger has remained true to this basic idea to this day. In connection with these products, the desire for reliable humidity and temperature measuring devices soon arose. The sales range was therefore extended to include the appropriate devices and continuously expanded. Over time, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, air conditioners and laundry dryers were added in addition to humidifiers.

The company founder's second innovation, the use of air dehumidifiers for building and material drying, was also groundbreaking. With the strong increase in construction activity in the post-war years, this division developed into a mainstay of the company. At the same time as this development, a versatile production and service company emerged from what was initially solely a trading company.

In the 1980s, a completely new drying concept was launched on the market with the SECOMAT® laundry drying system. Initially ridiculed, condensation drying according to the SECOMAT principle is now standard in Swiss drying rooms.

In the water damage drying sector, too, Krüger has long provided the decisive impetus for efficient and gentle restoration. If water damage today can be repaired at a fraction of the previous cost, this is due to the numerous innovative ideas of Krüger engineers.

Today we sell, rent, install and maintain equipment that we manufacture ourselves or distribute for trusted partners in Switzerland. With a wide range of products and our well-founded know-how, we can optimise the indoor climate according to the wishes of our customers. We look forward to talking to you in person. Immerse yourself in the world of Krüger!

You will find the detailed company history in our chronicle brochure.


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