Air Cleaner on construction sites

Anyone who works on a building site knows one thing all too well: dust. It is annoying, unpleasant and can damage your health. We now offer rental of air-cleaning appliances.

Bricklayers who find their tissue black with dust after blowing their nose are a regular occurrence on a building site. It's the same for electricians, who frequently suffer from an itchy throat in the evenings. They are exposed to dust particles on a daily basis. Mould spores may even add to the problem during rehabilitation work. This is anything but beneficial to health.

Mobile power packs
The new Krüger FT 1000 high-power air cleaner makes sure that harmful substances are extracted directly at the point of origin, without allowing them to contaminate other parts of the building. By connecting several tubes together, it is possible for dust filtering and dust extraction to be carried out simultaneously in two different locations. The filters are also a reliable way of removing mould spores during rehabilitation work, preventing them from spreading to the rest of the building.

Dust protection door included
As well as different types of filters and air cleaners, a dust protection door is part of the air-cleaning package. This can be used to close off the working area from other rooms, and represents a reliable way of sealing off the building site.

5 reasons to avoid dust

  • Employee efficiency can be improved
  • Jobs can be completed more quickly
  • Post-work cleaning costs can be reduced
  • "Cleanliness" can be used as a competitive advantage
  • Rehabilitation targets can be met as far as harmful substances such as mould spores are concerned