Leak location

Quality and sustainability?

The effects of the building boom in the 70s are becoming increasingly noticeable. The material systems and technical discoveries in the building service, which were much vaunted in those times, have reached the limits of their use in some parts. 

The age resistance of composite materials does not seem to have lived up to what the experts imagined. Also new systems were used which were removed from the market after just a short period of use. Increasing exposure to use and the effects of environmental influences mean that the materials age quicker. Renovation and renewal works have changed the conditions of use or even influenced them to such an extent that the number of pipe defects had drastically increased. Certainly there are also many systems in use which have functioned for over half a century and are now showing age related wear and tear.

Krüger has a nose for innovation and economic viability

Our experienced professionals have compiled a great deal of knowledge during decades working as water damage sanitizers. By integrating the most modern measuring and location technology, knowledge and technology are united.

A team of trained specialists with completely equipped emergency vehicles is ready for action around the clock. Whether it is a thermal defect in the building shell or leaks in the piping system in the building service, we locate it reliably, precisely and without destruction.

In the case of ceramic and stone flooring it is possible to remove the individual tiles without destroying them and to replace them after locating the leak. These measures have a significant effect on time and costs.