Hall / Marquee heating and cooling

The ideal climate for your event

What is the point of the best organisation if the weather throws a spanner in the works of the responsible? Cold or tropical heat leads to loss of revenue, strong snow falls affect tents and delicate display goods (e.g. plants) can be damaged. Therefore you would do well to provide a heating or air conditioning unit for your event.

Hall heating is not just hall heating. What good are radiators if some people are too hot and others freeze? Or loud, disturbing fans which produce neither heat nor cool, only wind?

The optimal distribution of hot or cold fresh air is one of our strengths. In smaller tents we lead the air into the room via distributors or warm air pillars. For several day long events we lay perforated air hoses alongside the outer wall of the tent, or we hang them from the ceiling using wire ropes. Using these methods we guarantee draught free air circulation for party tents and VIP events.

With our air conditioning units you can choose between a cooling or heating function, depending on what the situation requires. The tried and tested oil heating devices deliver immediate warmth, and are also suitable for efficient ventilation with fresh ambient air if required. We can achieve pleasant warmth under several squared metres of open sky with our gas operated heaters.

Tailor made hall heating and cooling from Krüger will prove itself anywhere you want to have your event; in exhibition halls, provisional buildings, tents, storage halls, trade fair halls, festival huts, etc. With our solutions you will always be on the safe side.

Included in our service package are non binding consultation, detailed cost calculation, expert installation, and start up with a heating oil tank and 24 hour on call service. We can also provide heating oil if required.