Edifical heating

Today construction work is performed in all weather conditions. Time pressure and the necessity to ensure that staff and machines are always working to full capacity require continuous building activities.

Building carcasses are especially frost-susceptible and for certain work processes specific minimum temperatures have to be obtained. In addition, a comfortable working temperature increases the employees’ performance and motivation.

Thus, winter construction heating is a crucial prerequisite for efficient and flawless work during the cold time of year. In addition, it supports the drying process as it substantially accelerates the natural evaporation of construction humidity and thus considerably reduces the drying times.

A minimum temperature of +5-8C is regarded as minimum requirement for continuous, efficient and flawless building activities.

With our versatile and flexible range of products we are ready to perform any task. We can provide portable electric 2-30 KW hot air generators for smaller building volumes as well as high-performance, oil-powered 25 – 170 KW hot air heaters for heating medium-sized to large objects.

The universal portfolio of accessories for air distribution ranges from individual air pipes up to MVK systems and provides agreeable and balanced indoor air conditions in the entire object.