Edificial drying

Natural drying is much to slow for today’s fast pace in construction work. It delays further process steps such as the application or installation of paint coats, plasters, wallpapers, floor coverings etc. since they can only be applied if the surface has reached a certain degree of dryness.

Delays cause losses of earnings or even contract penalties if an object cannot be used or let.

The SIA standard 253/5 prescribes the permitted residual moisture content. If it is too high you risk subsequent damages, trouble with the building owner and litigation. 

Thus, construction drying through our drying service is a must. By using our drying method we increase the absorption capacity of the room air to enable it to absorb more humidity. For obtaining the ideal temperature we either heat the air with hot air heaters or we use special drying units to dehumidify it.

We use construction dryers based on condensation technology in combination with cold air fans or drying units to obtain optimum construction drying results. If required, we complement these devices with electric and oil-powered heaters.