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The air dehumidifiers from the KRS and KRW series are designed to be wall-mounted. The frame and housing consist of galvanised, lacquered steel. The heat exchangers are made from copper and aluminium and protect against damage. This makes them ideal for use in swimming baths and wellness areas.

KRS – the fixed dehumidifier for swimming baths
The air dehumidifier from the KRS series is mounted inside the room on supports fixed to the front of the wall. The settings can be adjusted by means of a practical operating panel with soft keys. 
Use: to dehumidify and recirculate air.

KRW – for through-the-wall mounting
This air dehumidifier is mounted on the wall in the adjacent room. The device sucks the air that requires dehumidification through a channel in the wall and blows dry air back into the room through the upper wall channel. All its other features are very similar to those of the KRS. Elegant grids made of anodised aluminium are available as an additional accessory. They can be mounted to both air openings in the room that needs to be dehumidified.
Use: to dehumidify and recirculate air.


  • Intake grid with filter (KRW only)
  • Grid on air outlet (KRW only)


  • easy to install
  • electronically controlled
  • lacquered heat exchanger
  • up to two operating modes
  • fully automatic
  • humidity and temperature sensor

Wall mounted swimmingpool dehumidifier

Model        Room volumeTemperature range C.
KRS 320acc. to calculation10 - 32
KRS 420acc. to calculation10 - 32
KRS 720acc. to calculation10 - 32

Through the wall swimmingpool dehumidifier

Model       Room volumeTemperature range C.
KRW 320acc. to calculation10 - 32
KRW 420acc. to calculation10 - 32
KRW 720acc. to calculation10 - 32