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Year after year damages due to humidity cause serious economic damages. Installations and furniture rust or rot, paint coatings flake off, wallpaper and plaster come off, material is damaged or even destroyed by moisture.

The tried and tested condenser drying method in combination with reliable humidistat control and monitoring is the solution.

Our high-performance, fully automatic and sturdily built dehumidifiers guarantee many years of operation in commercial and industrial facilities, emergency shelters, material and spare parts stores etc. even during continuous operation under extreme conditions.

In case of very low temperatures and/or if you want to achieve a very low humidity content of the air we recommend adsorption dehumidification.

Mobile ModelRoom volume m3Temperature range °C
KRG 160 HEA85010 - 30
KRG 240 HE120010 - 30
Wall ModelRoom volume m3Temperature range °C
KRK 160 HEA85010 - 30
KRK 240 HE120010 - 30
Chrome steel ModelRoom volume m3Temperature range °C
KRC 125100010 - 30
Drying cabinetLaundry weight kgTemperature range °C
KKT 2.0according to accessories5 - 25
KWT 2.065 - 25