Basements, archives, storerooms

Damages due to humidity are often not found until it is too late. Damages on objects, furniture and valuable collector’s items often cannot be repaired.

Actions should be taken if the moisture content of the room air exceeds 50%. The problem cannot be solved with heating and airing alone. Only dehumidifying the room air provides a permanent, economical and reliable solution.

Economical, versatile and high-performance devices by Krüger provide effective protection from rust, mould and musty smells. They are easy to use and can be connected directly to the water drain. Thus they can be operated in small and medium-sized archives, storage rooms and basements without requiring monitoring.

ModelRoom volume m3Temperature range °C

Airsec 165 A

30010 - 30

Airsec 165 AH

300  5 - 30
Airsec 265 AH300  5 - 30
KRG 80 HE25010 - 30
KRE 0.310 - 30
KRE 0.510 - 30
KRE 0.810 - 30
KRE 1.310 - 30