Krüger air dehumidifiers treat people to better air and protect investments

Too much humidity causes problems. If humidity regularly rises above 50–60%, it affects the well-being of humans and animals; Furniture, buildings and stored goods are damaged by mould, rust and rot requiring expensive remedial measures.  However, even these measures will only be effective for a short time if the humidity remains too high.

Air dehumidification based on the condensation principle is the most economical, advantageous and permanent solution. Condenser dryers are based on an air circulation system and continually extract water vapour from the room air.  

Integrated humidistats provide fully automatic air humidity control, thus guaranteeing continuous operation without requiring monitoring. An overflow protection device automatically turns off the condenser dryer as soon as the water container is full.

Air dehumidifiers should be suited to their location and the moisture content of the air. We will be happy to advice you on which dehumidifier to choose from our comprehensive range of products. Or product portfolio includes elegant dehumidifiers for living spaces as well as high-performance industrial devices for tough continuous operation.