Clothes driers

Choosing the number 1 guarantees the best results

SECOMAT clothes driers are particularly energy-saving. They remove the moisture from your clothes by way of condensation. Despite of very strict test requirements these condenser driers have the highest energy efficiency class rating.

Thanks to constant air circulation the SECOMAT guarantees that your clothes are moved gently and dried quickly and evenly.

SECOMAT is the original condenser clothes drier and this established product line stands for innovation, customer orientation and quality and safety tested according to the Swiss standards.  

SECOMAT clothes driers bear the “Swiss Testing” seal of approval by the Swiss university Hochschule für Technik und Architektur Luzern (HTA). This seal indicates that the SECOMAT is a high-quality product which was developed in Switzerland and meets all aspects of the Swiss stipulations by the Swiss energy authority Bundesamt für Energie.  

SECOMAT clothes driers prevent the build up of mould, rust and rot in your home because they directly remove moisture from the air and discharge it.  They thus do not only quickly and gently dry your clothes but they also keep your basement dry.

Krüger uses a holistic approach for clothes drying in residential buildings of any size. Therefore, we have developed a complete and practical range of accessories. It ideally complements your drier and provides increased efficiency, convenience and satisfaction in the field of clothes drying.