Adsorption dehumidifiers

Adsorption dehumidifiers are ideally suited for stationary and mobile continuous operation. They are preferably used for all applications where constant humidity values are required and where a high dehumidification has to be obtained at low temperatures. This drying technology can be used to dehumidify up to 100.000 m3 of air per hour. Air distribution systems distribute the dried air equally into the rooms.

Dehumidifiers with open regeneration circuits discharge the high-humidity air from the sorption rotor to the exterior. This is the most efficient and least expensive drying methods if stationary systems are used in continuous operation.

Dehumidifiers with closed regeneration units are valuable wherever humid regeneration air cannot be discharged. The regeneration air is cooled down to dew point in a closed circuit of the air-cooled condenser. The water vapour thus condenses and the resulting water can be drained off.

Since this kind of room dehumidification does not require outgoing air tubes it is especially suited for systems with a room temperature below +20C where the regeneration air cannot be discharged to the exterior.